The central goal is to provide solutions, algorithms and computational methods which are essential for image and video understanding. Applications are in the areas of computer vision with the focus on human behavior analysis.

Expertise ranges from

  • Image and Video Processing

Feature extraction, color, invariants, photometry, saliency, interest points, stereo, depth, RGB-D processing, enhancement, texture, segmentation, graph cuts, learning for computer vision, deep learning for feature extraction, co-segmentation, optical flow, inference.

  • 3D Image and Video Understanding

Attributes, material, descriptors, object detection, localization, object recognition, scene classification, clustering and learning.

  • Action and Human Behavior Recognition

Motion, tracking, event recognition, human-object interaction, human-human interaction, low and high density scene analysis, pose estimation, crowd density estimation.

  • Face Analysis

Facial expression, age and gender recognition,  emotion recognition, eye tracking, face recognition, head pose estimation, gaze estimation, pupil detection, skin, blood pressure, heart beat.

  • Mood Recognition and Human Vision

Color and emotion, sentimental ontologies, affective image retrieval, emotion recognition from taste and smell, human color constancy, cognition and sentiments.

  • Applications in Wearable Computer Vision

Video OCR, text translation, road detection (transport), gaming, health care, well being.