Digital cameras have become ubiquitous in the form of consumer cameras, webcams, mobile phones, and professional cameras. These cameras yield enormous streams of data and provide the means for communication, observation, and interaction. Theo Gevers Vision Consultancy B.V. aims to provide solutions of computer vision technology into your products focussing on the following activities:

  • Consultancy in computer vision and machine intelligence.
  • Innovation from ideas, concepts and algorithms to complete CV solutions.
  • Development of software modules.
  • Investigation and verification of computer vision systems.

Computer Vision Solutions

Gevers Vision Consultancy B.V. has been involved in developing the software solutions:


We have developed emotion recognition software which is able to automatically analyze in real-time the facial expressions of humans in digital videos. Also 3D scanning software has been developed to scan complete 3D environments with a mobile phone.

Here you can find an overview of the freely available software we developed for object recognition, tracking and image understanding.